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Our Projects and Partnerships

Check back often to see all the good our partners and sponsored programs are doing in the world. 

We are so proud to offer our support to such valuable research and initiatives and we love to share the news:

The Dr. Daniel C. Cooper Graduate Award

Read the latest news about our partner scholarship fund at Brown University at the link below. As part of the Carney Institute for Brain Science, the Dr. Daniel C. Cooper Graduate Award sponsors academic research in brain science, psychiatric illness and human behavior. We are incredibly proud of the work accomplished through this fund and hope you'll follow along.

Walking on Campus
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Nexus Family Healing 

A financial grant recently went to Nexus Family Healing: a National organization based in Plymouth, Minnesota. Nexus Family has multiple facilities in various States, one of which is the Southeast Regional Crisis Center, a 24/7 walk-in mental health facility designed for people experiencing a mental health crisis in the southern part of Minnesota.  This is a new facility that Nexus Family Healing manages and they are in need of various resources including workbooks and art supplies for clients, sensory items, and funds for transportation, bus passes, etc. They also partner with the local government to provide resource kits to residents with information and resources regarding mental health and the facility.

The Purple Room

Halestreet foundation sponsored an initiative at the local level through Brooklyn Center High School. The Purple Room Project is focused on student mental health in a time of unprecedented isolation: “Students are leading the charge on creating unique spaces at school dedicated to mental health. These spaces will be used for students to process life experiences and emotions in real time.”

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Out of the Darkness 

The foundation made a donation to the Orlando Out of the Darkness Walk for Suicide prevention, through Team Andy Gross. 

"In our Community, Campus and Overnight Walks, those affected by suicide – and those who support them – raise awareness and much-needed funds, strongly sending the message that suicide is preventable, and that no one is alone."

Our Projects and Partners: News
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